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1,000 Squats/Day? Say What?

When I was first making up my list of 31 Goals, I initially made some goals that either weren’t focused enough on healthy living or I thought there might be a better goal I could strive for instead (my husband particularly didn’t like my idea of taking more couples photos for some reason).  So when […]

The Weight of It

Remember how I said that this wasn’t a weight loss blog?  That’s because I created this site to be a home of all things healthy-living; I want to focus on being more active, improving my diet, and enhancing my life overall.  But I can’t ignore that part of healthy-living is maintaining a healthy weight. I’ve […]

Try 31 New Recipes: Curry Scallops and Couscous, er Quinoa

I consider myself a good cook, though I think I’m a bit stunted in my knowledge and experience which means I tend to fall back on familiar favourites.  In my quest to develop myself body, mind and soul, I decided I should branch out and keep things interesting in the kitchen this year.  Thus, I’ve […]


We have a dog and her name is Jade. She’s a beautiful mutt who we think is mostly part Doberman, although she’s definitely bigger than your average Doby.  Still, she’s got the shape and the colouring of one, but she’s getting pretty grey around the edges these days.  She’s anxious and needy, but really smart and […]

1 Down, 30 To Go

As some of you have undoubtedly realized from reading my very first blog post ever (I’m still reeling from officially becoming a “blogger!”) or by visiting my 31 Goals page, I’ve already achieved one of my goals: Start a blog.  Of course I had an ulterior motive including this goal on the list: I’m a […]

A Note About Goals

I’m no expert; goodness knows I have made goals in the past that were never met.  This experience of making a list of goals and going public with it has forced me examine my goal-making abilities, so naturally I sought some extra help via the almighty Google.  Right away, I found this article:  The […]

Birthday Reflections

I’m overweight. I’ve tried keeping track of my food; that lasted about 3 months. I’ve tried dieting specifically enjoying (yes, enjoying) the 17 Day Diet, but that lasted only 6 months, both times; other diets I tried lasted far less than that. I’ve tried exercise regimens, and they typically go for 2 to 4 weeks […]