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1 Down, 30 To Go

As some of you have undoubtedly realized from reading my very first blog post ever (I’m still reeling from officially becoming a “blogger!”) or by visiting my 31 Goals page, I’ve already achieved one of my goals: Start a blog.  Of course I had an ulterior motive including this goal on the list: I’m a firm believer that when you make a list, you should include something you’ve every intention of doing immediately or have just finished; then you get to immediately check it off and get the ball rolling!  I suppose you could scoff at my silliness, and you’re perfectly welcome to do so.  But this method really works for me.  If you’ve ever had trouble with starting something, go ahead a try making a list where you automatically get to check something off, and see if it doesn’t inspire you to check another item off your list!  Go ahead, I’ll wait.



You may or may not have just cleaned your entire house and kudos to you if you did!  My husband can attest to the fact that I’m a lazy cleaner, but once I get started I get stuff done!  And there may or may not be lists included in my cleaning process.  And I may request a high five after.  Hey, celebrating the little things is fun!

You know I didn’t create my list of 31 Goals with the intention of starting a blog and telling the whole world about them.  Instead, the moment I added “start a blog” to the list, it occurred to me that the list itself was a perfect starting point for a blog and that making a list of goals and setting myself a deadline that had nothing to do with the New Year might just inspire others to do the same.  I also decided to keep it on the list so that I could immediately cross it off.

But why did I add “start a blog” to the list in the first place, you ask?  I’ve always loved to write, and to read good writing (cue the grammar nazi comments).  When I was a youngster I started many short stories, though the only ones I finished were ones I had to hand in for school.  In college I experimented with poetry, even taking a poetry writing class, and realized I really enjoy structure and poetry is far too unstructured for me.  Also through college I honed my skills for writing a good essay and realized that there’s actually something beautiful about a well-written essay that most people will never appreciate.  I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishing a great piece of writing so much that I briefly considered becoming an elementary teacher just so I could foster a love of reading in young kids and impress upon them my love of a beautiful essay.  With that in mind, I suspect you’re not at all surprised that I’ve actually had the notion of starting a blog ruminating in the back of my mind for a while.  What stopped me was the fear that I’d run out of writing ideas, interesting things to say, unique points of view.  Heck, as a self-professed introvert I run out of interesting things to say a lot, so this was a legitimate concern.  But the point of these goals is to enrich my life; to develop the skills and interests I already have and to acquire new skills and interests.  Adding blogging to my goal list forced me to realize that my love of writing could be funneled into an outlet that would also help me achieve other goals as well.  It really was a win-win!

So that leaves me with a list of 31 goals with one already crossed off, and damn if that doesn’t make me want to tackle another!

Is there something that you’ve always loved to do, but never found the time to explore fully?


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