Let the Habit-ization Begin

I’m attempting to adopt the following 11 habits over the course of my 31st year:

  1. Blog 2 times weekly.
  2. Drink 8 glasses of water daily.
  3. Eat dinner at the kitchen table every week night.
  4. Eat salad daily.
  5. Exercise for 45 minutes 3 times weekly.
  6. Floss daily.
  7. Go 1 day every week without TV.
  8. Go to bed by 10:30pm every week night.
  9. Keep a gratitude journal daily.
  10. Reduce alcohol intake to 5 drinks or less weekly.
  11. Take multivitamins daily.

Over the next 6 weeks, I’m going to focus on numbers 1, 4 and 6. 

I already feel like I’m a bit ahead of the game here on number 1.  I’ve blogged twice weekly for 6 of the 8 weeks since I started the blog, and the other two weeks I still posted once (one of those weeks was the week of the accident, so I’m giving myself a pass for that one).  I’ve got lots of ideas for posts and I’m enjoying having this outlet, whether anyone’s actually reading it or not, so I have no fear that this habit is in the bag, so to speak.  In fact, I think this habit is almost engrained already, so another 6 weeks should do the trick.  Heck, this post makes two for this week already, so yay for me!

I’m also feeling reasonably confident with number 6.  I haven’t been completely consistent with daily flossing, but I am flossing at least 4 times a week now, and I feel like that’s a great start!  I’ve also gotten used to having nice, clean-feeling teeth, and I definitely notice the days that I don’t floss – like when I forget to brush my teeth in the mornings while we’re camping, suddenly I’ll notice and feel disgusting!  That fear of having gross-feeling teeth will only help to reinforce this habit!

Now habit number 4 is definitely going to take more effort than the other two.  I’ve been trying my best to keep this up for a little while, and while I do enjoy salads, it seems to go in waves.  I’m lucky if I eat a salad twice per week.  I think the biggest issue is lack of variety.  I’m going to need to focus on making salads exciting and interesting so that they don’t get boring, because nobody likes boring food!  The other issue is a lack of preparation… if we don’t get to the grocery store regularly then we tend to run out of yummy salad ingredients, and if we run out of those then we’re less likely to eat salads.  Queue the dominos!  (As an aside, the word “queue” has way too many vowels… what’s wrong with “que,” spellcheck?)

I’ll let you know how this first installment of my habit-ization unfolds at the end of June!  Until then, what habits, if any, would you like to adopt?


2 comments on “Let the Habit-ization Begin

  1. Good Morning Sarah, I am thoroughly enjoying your weekly Blogs … although I don’t always get them in my e-mail. Forming new and getting rid of old habits always has been a struggle for me … I can quite smoking for 2 years – 2 months – 2 days … and then start again. I will attempt this quitting process once again while I’m in the hospital having surgery! Thanks for your Blog … I like to ponder your questions!
    Brenda Copeland

    • Thanks Brenda, I’m grateful to have your support and I’m glad you enjoy reading my posts! I’m sure that getting rid of the habits surrounding an addiction like smoking is a very tough thing to do, but you can do it! 🙂 I wish you luck and best wishes for your surgery this summer!

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