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The Husband Who Could

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I’ve set a lot of goals for myself this year.  Some are easy, but some will be very hard for me to complete for a variety of reasons, and so will require a lot of focus and extra motivation.  I’m fortunate in that I have an awesome person to back me up through all this, and I thought I’d introduce you to him.  I’m talking about my husband, and his name is Tavis.

We’ve been married for almost two years (in July), but we’ve been together now for almost ten (in October).  I’m constantly reminded how great it is to be with someone who has such a similar set of values and beliefs, someone who thinks the same way on almost all issues and someone who also enjoys many of the same activities as I do.  It seems to me that this kind of compatibility is a rare find.

We met in high school, but we never dated back then.  We had mutual friends and so became friends ourselves, but we lost touch after high school.  Then two years after we graduated, we ran into each other at the Edmonton Fringe Festival and the rest, as they say, is history.

Tavis is a pretty unique individual.  When we started dating he was completing a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in physics.  He later went on to do his masters in plasma physics (no, I can’t really explain what plasma physics is in detail, but I think he would say that it involves the study of the Earth’s atmosphere in relation to the sun).  He’s also very big on working with his hands and building stuff, which led to a complete career shift just after our wedding when he finished his masters and chose to take up an automotive mechanic apprenticeship.

This was a big change; not just anybody would up and leave their chosen career path in search of a new one, let alone switch from an academic profession to a trade.  I am so proud of him for having the self-awareness to realize that where he was headed was not where he actually wanted to go.  His tenacity and resulting successes are incredibly inspiring.

I think this is one of the reasons why Tavis is so supportive of my 31 Goals; he understands very well the challenge of trying something new and taking life-changing risks.

I set my goals for me, to make myself a better-rounded individual and to improve my overall health, and I’m the key person who will make this happen.  But there’s no denying the value of a helping hand when you need it most, and Tavis is always there for me.  If I think I can, and he thinks I can, then what’s to stop me?

I’m very lucky indeed.


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