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Pumpin & Groovin to Goal Completion

Number 18 on my list of 31 Goals is to “register for another group fitness class.” By “another” I mean something other than the specific classes already mentioned on the list like running, yoga and swimming. When I set out my list of goals shortly after my 30th birthday with this goal included, I actually had kick-boxing in mind. I’ve always loved punching and kicking during an aerobic workout and I’ve meant to sign up many times before, but never did for various reasons. I was using my goals as motivation to finally take a kickboxing class, but I didn’t want to be specific in case I found something better.

A couple of weeks before my 30th birthday, my sister-in-law Kim asked if I’d like to sign up for a group fitness class together at the gym where she takes her daughter to dance classes, J’Adore Dance. It wasn’t too far from my house and I always prefer to work out with another person so I thought this was a great idea! We signed up online to a class called Pump & Groove, which was scheduled to start at the beginning of April. Since I signed up for this class before my birthday, I didn’t count it towards meeting my goals for the next year.

Now Kim and I are just finishing up the 10 week class and we are pleased to find that we really enjoyed it! The class combines easy-to-follow dance moves with strength training and core work. There’s great music and the dance instructor is really enthusiastic. Sometimes the dance sets get a little complicated and we can’t keep up very well with both our arms and legs going in different directions, but flailing around to the music is half the fun!

The other perk of the class is getting to hang out together after. Kim is an awesome person, but being my brother’s wife I tend to see her only when our family gathers. Also they have two small children (2 and 4 years) so she doesn’t have the luxury of getting away from the home for time with friends very often. She’s been able to squeeze in a workout and some social time on our Thursday evenings, and I think she enjoys the break. My brother joked about us spending more time together after the class than during and he’s right, we do!

Since we’re having such a good time, we decided to sign up again for the two summer sessions offered from mid-July to the end of August. This time, I definitely counted this as meeting my goal, so consider number 18 checked off! I may also end up taking the kickboxing class anyways, who knows!

I’m finding that scheduling time to work out plays a significant role in actually doing the workout – if it’s already in my calendar, who am I to challenge it? Plus spending time with a friend is incentive as well. And it doesn’t hurt that I paid money to take the class, but I try not to think about that; after all, I’ve had gym memberships before and never used them, so clearly money isn’t necessarily a great motivator.

It feels great to make progress on my list of goals. I’m looking forward to making a lot more during the next few months, as it seems like summer has finally come to Edmonton and I’ve got a lot of goals to do with getting out there and enjoying the weather!

As a side note, my weight has stayed consistent at 205 lbs.  Like last month, I’m not feeling bad about this at all. I’m actually a bit annoyed because I believe the reason my weight hasn’t moved is because my legs and butt have gotten bigger… like I needed either of those to get bigger! Ha! I’ve been experiencing a lot of tightness in the legs of my pants lately, and not just because they were freshly washed or anything, and I’m blaming it entirely on biking to work and squats! I think it’s kind of cool actually.

Do you participate in group fitness classes? What classes have you taken lately?


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