Try 31 New Recipes: Spicy Carrot Ginger Soup


I find myself drawn to soup when the weather turns nasty, and we’ve had a nasty few weeks here with grey skies and the constant threat of rain.  It hasn’t exactly been cold, and yet soup was just the ticket for dinner last week.  I’ve been checking out some other recipe blogs for some good ideas, and I came across Taste and Tell, where Deborah tries out recipes from all sorts of sources.  She seems to try a lot of Rachel Ray recipes which is fun; I used to enjoy Rachel Ray’s 30-Minute Meals show.  On her website, Deborah also creates some of her own recipes too!

What did I find?

On a quest for soup, I narrowed my search and came across the Spicy Carrot Ginger Soup recipe that was shared, originally from a cookbook called Poor Girl Gourmet.  I have become a big fan of vegetable soups that focus on only one vegetable as the main ingredient, especially when the soup is pureed.  Plus I’ve wanted to try a carrot soup for a while, but hadn’t found an interesting recipe.  This one fit the bill because of the unique addition of ginger.

What did I change?

Of course I changed some things because even though this site says the recipes featured are easy and take very little time overall, I figured I could reduce that time and effort even more!  The recipe says to roast the carrots with some spices, and separately fry leeks and some other spices, and then put them together; so I thought, why not just roast it all at once?  I used onions instead of leeks (because I never just have leeks on hand) and roasted it all together with the spices right off the bat!  I cut the veggies smaller than the recipe calls for, so it only took about 40 minutes to roast and make our kitchen smell lovely!


The only thing I left out of the roasting was the fresh ginger, because I was afraid it would burn in the 400 degree oven.  I love fresh ginger.  Plus the root looks so crazy!


After that, all I had to do was prep 4 cups of broth to heat while I waited for everything to roast.  Here I used chicken stock instead of veggie stock; again, this is only because that’s what I had on hand.  I happen to quite like veggie stock, but it’s more expensive so I don’t buy it often.


Another departure from the recipe had me using lime juice from a bottle because I didn’t have any fresh limes on hand.  I don’t think the recipe failed for the lack of lime zest, but I do think the lime flavour could have been stronger.  I’ll have to use 2 tablespoons next time.

And finally, again because it’s what I had on hand, I used Greek yogurt to dollop on top of the bowl of soup rather than sour cream.  I’ve really developed a taste for Greek yogurt and it works just great here!  It looked extra yummy when I swirled it all together…


What did I learn?

I’ve made roasted veggie soups before, but man oh man if this one wasn’t the easiest one yet!  Roasting everything and then adding it to pre-heated broth made everything go so fast and simple that it hardly seemed like cooking.  I love using the oven to cook veggies!


I also learned the power of chili flakes when roasted and then boiled for a while; holy cow this soup was spicy!  And I used less chili flakes than the recipe called for!  It wasn’t super spicy on the tongue though, it was more like back-of-the-throat spice.  It was a pleasant heat and if I ever need to clear my sinuses, I’ll be using that little trick on whatever’s for dinner!  Of course my husband Tavis, who loves spicy foods, didn’t think it was spicy at all.

This dish went over very well with both of us, so I think I’ll be returning to Taste and Tell again for more inspiration!  Thanks for sharing these recipes Deborah!

Are you a fan of pureed veggie soups?  What’s your favourite kind?


2 comments on “Try 31 New Recipes: Spicy Carrot Ginger Soup

  1. That looks yummy – except for the “spicy” part!

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