Seeing the Changes

Seeing progress towards a goal is crucial in maintaining the motivation to achieve that goal. Everyone knows this, which is why there are diets that tout changes in 30 days and exercise machines that promise results in 10 days, and these lies sell to the masses like crazy. Certainly without seeing any changes, my attention would wane and I would fall off whatever bandwagon I was currently clinging to. Luckily, I can see and feel the changes in my body lately, and it’s incredibly encouraging, so I’ll be riding the biking-to-work bandwagon for a while yet.

I’ve been attending a Booty Buster class taught by a friend of mine and last week’s class was a doozy. There were some very difficult moves, and there were a number of times where I felt like I was way out of my league. But then we did one that felt easier than the others, and I watched myself in the mirror with my legs exuding power through the movement, and I felt proud. I felt so proud that I rode my bike home sitting tall with satisfaction, and when I got home I excitedly shared my pride with my husband who smiled at my goofy enthusiasm.

My legs felt like jelly, having rode my bike to work that day and then home from an hour-long class all focused on the lower body, but my spirit soared (cliché and all). I was so pleased with myself, realizing that I’ve come a long way since I started biking to work in May. On the way to class that night, I rode a similar route to the one I used to take when I worked and lived somewhere different and was biking to work that summer, and it dawned on me that the route I take now is a lot harder; the strength in my legs is a direct result of climbing the river valley twice daily. That made me feel good!

Feeling strong and secure in the power of my legs has made me walk with a new confidence this past week. I’m still not comfortable with the size of my body, but that matters less when I’m happy with what my body can do. Our bodies really are amazing, aren’t they?

There is a misconception that big body means unhealthy, when in reality these things are not always correlated; it’s easy to fall into the resulting mindset of “might as well act unhealthy because people think that I look unhealthy,” but I’m not going to do that. I’m sure that I will doubt my abilities again in class tonight, so in the back of my mind I’ll focus on last week’s successes and how good those made me feel and I will strive to do the things I cannot. And maybe by the end of this 6-week course, I’ll see some more changes.

Are you proud of your body?


2 comments on “Seeing the Changes

  1. Sarah, I even hear a sense of accomplishment, confidence and pride in your blog today … congratulations! I agree – not all large bodies are unhealthy bodies … they are just a different size than others … not everyone in the world weighs 120 lbs.

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