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Top 9 Reasons Why Summer Blogging Can Wait

I love summer which is why I’ve found it difficult to keep up with blogging over the past two weeks. There’s just so much potential for summer days, even if it’s doing nothing but drinking something cold! This means that we’ve found ourselves pretty busy.

Seriously… my husband and I have a total of 3 weekends in June, July and August where we have absolutely nothing planned… yet.

This is possibly our busiest summer ever. Not that I’m complaining, it’s been great fun so far!! Even one of our “empty weekends” this past weekend turned into one event after the next… and it was so awesome! It included lots of bike riding (oh my gosh SO much biking!), a friend lunch, a movie, a BBQ, a games night, a sleepover, a farmer’s market, a brunch, a dinner with family, and last-minute gardening. It’s exhausting just typing it all… ha ha.

So in honour of the blissful summer winds and the itchy sunburns and the days where we can finally live in shorts from sunup to sundown, I present my top 9 reasons why summer blogging can wait!

1. Camping Weekends

2. Patio Beers

3. Biking Everywhere (literally)

4. Garden Love

5. Evening Fires (not in a pyro-kinda-way though)

6. Book Clubs

7. Family Time (reunions, birthdays and anniversaries oh my!)

8. Farmer’s Markets

9. Doing Nothing

This upcoming weekend we’re going to a weekend-long wedding in the mountains and it’s anticipated to be in the 30’s (Celsius) the whole time… it’s going to be so lovely!

What’s your favourite way to take in the beautiful weather?


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