Garden Love


Today is a crazy gloomy day guys!  Me and my coworkers compared it to winter because it was so dark out, still, at 10am.  Then the thunderstorms started.  This is such a departure from the beautiful and sunny +30 days we’ve been having, so I thought it was the perfect day to bring some beauty to the blog!

First, look at the little surprise we found just before we headed out for our anniversary camping trip at the end of June!

IMG_20140625_131245448Our first strawberry!  It was delicious!  We’ve had a few more since then, and they are just the best – it’s incredible how much flavour those little berries pack!

As for the rest of the garden, oh my goodness it just looks so lovely!  I think it’s our best one yet.  I’m not having the greatest success with a few veggies (unfortunately my pea seeds were almost all duds, and my beans are just not flourishing this year), but regardless everything is leafy and green and the little fruits/veggies that are growing are so bright and cheerful!  Feast your eyes!













Isn’t it wonderful?  As per my goals I’m keeping up pretty well with the weeds, and the watering has been going good too since I got a new spray nozzle; I think it’s all paying off.  I’m actually really enjoying the weeding… yep… I don’t even know who I am anymore.  Ha!

AND I saved the best for last – guess what I found earlier this week?!?

RaspberriesThis is absolutely my favourite part of the garden, and I don’t even have to plant it, prune it, weed it, or water it.  They grow like weeds.  Raspberries are the best fruit ever, hands down.  Yumm!!  Can’t wait to buy some vanilla ice cream and feast on these beauties (cause that is the absolute best way to ’em)… that’s if they last that long!

What’s your favourite fruit/veggie?


4 comments on “Garden Love

  1. What a lovely garden! If you ever need help picking (and eating) peas, let us know and we will come right over!

  2. Your garden is looking fabulous. Hope my tomato plant you are babysitting is doing as well!

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