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Cycling Motivations, in Haiku

DSC00943 (2)

Herein I proffer, for your poetic pleasure, 13 haikus presenting my preference for pedaling.


Morning sunshine is

peacefully peeking through trees,

gently welcoming


Cycling means freedom;

I go where I want and when

like a bike ninja



my legs for what they can do

every single day


Transportation ease;

gas, traffic, rude motorists,

all not my concern


Arduous winters,

easily forgotten in

four short sunny months


Bikers are friendly

people; they say hello and

smile as they pass by!


The rush of wind

as I’m biking downhill is

better than AC


If I bike to work

I get to eat a donut;

that’s motivation


My beautiful bike

shimmers in the glistening

glare of afternoon


Avoiding the bus;

sweltering weather creates

smelly passengers


Nothing better than

conquering a hill that I

couldn’t yesterday


Stress-free commuting

makes for relaxing trip home;

daydream paradise



seem endless in the fresh air;

get out, enjoy it!



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