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Weekend in Osoyoos

I get to check another goal off my list!  And this one was all fun and no work, which makes me a happy girl!


When I created my goals, I wanted them to be more than about the food I’m eating and the weight I’m weighing and the exercise I’m getting.  I wanted my goals instead to be about having a good time doing things that will make me a better person body, mind and soul, so I decided that I should make a priority of things that I can sometimes take for granted, like friends!  We have some good friends who, a couple of years ago, decided all willy nilly to move to the next province over (I jest, naturally, because Nancy is the least willy nilly decision-maker I know), which has resulted in our seeing them about once a year if we’re lucky.  Thus both Tavis and I were very happy to go for a weekend visit and cross #30 off my list!


British Columbia is beautiful country.  I used to visit on a regular basis because my grandparents lived out on the island.  Now that they’re no longer with us, I don’t go to BC very often and during our drive I remembered how much I like it there, particularly because of the scenery; luckily we had plenty of that to view during the 12-hour commute.


The Spotted Lake in Osoyoos


Our visit with Nancy and Eric included touring a bunch of wineries including the one Eric works at, visiting the beach and some other local sites of interest, playing board games and canning some local fruits.  Speaking of canning, my mother-in-law has impressed upon me the advantages of canning for a while now (like a couple of years), but I admit I was hesitant because it seemed like a lot of work.  Nancy made it seem effortless (as she always does; seriously Nancy can do anything), and working together the four of us canned too many pounds of peaches to count, plus she sent us home with some other canned goodies she’d made.  Yum!  As a result, I was super eager to try my hand at canning, and Tavis and I ended up buying a TON of fresh fruit from the local vendors (oh my gosh BC fruit is so amazing!), and I’ve been canning and baking like crazy since our trip (yep, recipes are forthcoming).  We still have a few fruits left that we’re trying to use as fast as we can before they go bad, so next time I think we’ll have to pause before buying so many boxes of peaches and nectarines and apricots and cherries and blueberries (oh my!).


We had a second reason for going to visit our friends, and that was to buy a vehicle from them.  When they found out about our accident (I can’t believe that was over four months ago already), they immediately offered to sell us their vehicle which they were planning to put up for sale soon anyways.  In addition, they offered it to us for the friend discount.  We were humbled and accepted their very generous offer to help us out; having to spend a bunch of money on a new vehicle was not exactly in our financial plans, after all.  We’re lucky to have such awesome friends in our time of need.  Picking up our new vehicle after getting to visit them for the weekend was just the icing on the cake.


On top of being great company, it’s really inspiring to visit people who are living the dream, and I don’t mean to sound facetious.  Eric decided a number of years ago that he was going to become a winemaker, and so he went off to Ontario and studied the fine art of wine (Tavis and I and a few of our other friends have also studied the fine art of wine, but we don’t have a fancy certificate to go with it, if you know what I’m saying…).  He took his course and made the big decision to move away from home and family and headed to wine country in southern BC.  Meanwhile Nancy has been an incredible support to Eric while he travelled to gain winemaking experience, tried out a number of positions at a few wineries, and moved around the province for opportunities.  Nancy is an incredibly savvy business person, knowing a lot about sales, and she immersed herself in the wine culture for a while too.  But she has a great love and talent for yoga, so she took the course to become an instructor.  And, incredibly, she just had an opportunity to buy her own yoga business and she jumped at it.  They are doing great and loving what they’re doing for a living, which is a lot more than most of us can say.


The real highlight of our trip of course was getting to catch up on life and spend time chatting and playing games and goofing around with these friends we hardly ever see.  Honestly, life seems to speed up as I get older, and it’s already been about 4 years since Nancy and Eric moved away.  We miss so much because we don’t interact with them on a regular basis like we used to, so it was a real treat to spend the whole weekend.  Most importantly, the trip reminded us that we have to make time for our friends, and the farther they are away, the more effort it takes.  Tavis and I decided that we are going to make this a yearly tradition because these are people worth making the effort for.  Well, they’re at least tied with the fruit!

The only pic of the four of us, and Tavis blinks… oh well!

Who are you willing to drive 12 hours to see?


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