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The Whole Point of “Tennis”

Wow I’m terrible at tennis! And just to be clear, in my dictionary “tennis” means whacking a tennis ball with a tennis racquet in or around the vicinity of a net; I don’t know the rules or how to keep score. I’d just be happy if my hubby and I were able to hit the […]

Drinking Water is Dull, and Other Important Service Announcements

My progress in learning new habits has pretty much come to a grinding halt. This is mostly due to our insane schedule over the past few months, not that I need excuses but there it is. When I hardly have time to get a decent night’s sleep and my days are constantly go, go, go, […]

Call Me Mrs. Four Eyes

I got my eyes checked! That means I get to check another goal off my list! I bet some people think this doesn’t really sound goal-worthy, and in the grand scheme of things, that may be the case. But not every goal needs to be completely life changing, am I right? Besides, eye appointments aren’t […]

Swimming is… Fun?

Is swimming fun?  Yes… No! Maybe? I’m clearly torn. And my legs are worn out. Such is the life of an adult learning to swim, I guess. So I signed up for a swim class and I’m 30 years old. And I’m guessing I’m the youngest one in the class which is a huge shock […]

Try 31 New Recipes – Nectarine and Blueberry Galette (aka Rustic Pie)

I bet you’re wondering is what the heck a galette is, right?  Good question.  I served two of these, one each to my family and Tavis’ family, and they all asked the same thing.  The broadest definition provided by various internet dictionaries is of a round, flat cake, but a fleshed out consensus seems to […]

Kale Attempt #1 – Chopped Kale & Beet Salad

I have a goal to try 3 new vegetables, 3 different ways this year.  My first vegetable choice was eggplant and my first attempt at cooking it went quite well, so I was eager to try my hand at another new veggie.  For the second, I chose kale. It seems kale has become a fad […]