Try 31 New Recipes – Nectarine and Blueberry Galette (aka Rustic Pie)


I bet you’re wondering is what the heck a galette is, right?  Good question.  I served two of these, one each to my family and Tavis’ family, and they all asked the same thing.  The broadest definition provided by various internet dictionaries is of a round, flat cake, but a fleshed out consensus seems to indicate that a galette is a flat, free form pastry topped with fruit.  I called it a rustic pie.  I went searching for a recipe that would help me use up the last of my BC fruit, nectarines in particular, and in the process I found a way to use the rest of the blueberries too.  AND it was really easy!


What did I find?

I found this interesting recipe on the website for Vermont Creamery.  Raiza Costa, author of Dulce Delight, was featured in a video showing how to make this desert alongside one of the owners of the creamery, and she also posted about it on her blog.  There were very few ingredients and the process seemed simple, so I decided to give it a shot.  Plus, the fruits were calling to me!


What did I change?

You’ll be surprised to learn that I changed very little in this recipe.  I know, that’s weird for me.  But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that changing ingredients when baking can be a tricky matter.  Sometimes there are simple substitutions, sure, but most of the time changing anything, even just a tiny change to the quantity, can really create a disaster.  And somehow desert disasters are always more depressing than other cooking disasters, right?

So the first change I made was to increase the amount of butter in the crust, and this was just because I’m a little lazy.  Really, I have no idea how to measure out 100 grams of butter, but I do know that 125 grams is half a cup so I went with half a cup and called it a day.  Really, what’s an extra 25 grams of butter?


The only other thing I changed was to add a little water to the dough, and that change was not premeditated.  I was stirring the egg into the dough and it just wasn’t coming together into a ball as perfectly as the folks in the video made it seem like it should.  That’s when I remembered the trick I’d learned from my Grandma, pastry maker extraordinaire that she was, and that is that when making pastry, if the dough does not come together, try adding a little ice cold water.  I did and it worked like a charm!  Thanks Grandma!


Okay so I changed one more thing out of convenience.  I decided to cook and serve the galette in a pie plate instead of flat like a galette is supposed to be.  Although I was stoked to try out something new, and I knew it would look very cool, I had to think about ease of transportation; since I was bringing the uncooked galettes to our two family dinners, I decided using pie plates was the better option for the car ride over.  As it was, the fruit juices leaked all around the galette in the pie plate so that would have made a huge mess in the oven otherwise!



What did I learn?

The best, and corniest, thing I learned is that baking with my Grandma really stuck with me, and I’m profoundly happy for those memories.  Seriously, our elders have so much to teach us and all that knowledge is only at our fingertips for so long before they’re gone!  I only regret that my grandma never tasted my pastry, but I digress.


Another great thing I learned from making this galette is that pastry does not have to be fancy to be yummy.  I’ve always had the impression that pastry is kind of hoity toity, I think because for so long I wasn’t able to make it and because it can be more than a little finicky (seriously!).  But rolling out the dough and making a flat pie threw out all preconceived notions of pastry for me.  Even though I didn’t actually bake and serve the galette flat, the recipe convinced me that I could.  I intend to try it out again and this time I’ll bake it flat like it’s supposed to be, no matter how the fruit juices may run.


The last thing I learned is that fruit really doesn’t need a lot of sugar.  In fact, there is no sugar added to the fruit in this galette, and it was delicious just like that.  There was only 2 tablespoons of sugar in the dough too, which makes this a very healthy desert overall.  Nevermind that I served it with whip cream… because every desert tastes better with whip cream!


So I made an awesome new creation, enjoyed delicious BC fruits in it, and it was super easy?  Now that’s a keeper, folks!  All the family agreed, except for my brother who won’t eat fruit to save his life so his opinion doesn’t count anyways.  I’ll definitely be making this again.  I think I’ll have to check out Dulce Delight for more inspiration in the future!

Have you ever dabbled with pastry?  Were you successful?


2 comments on “Try 31 New Recipes – Nectarine and Blueberry Galette (aka Rustic Pie)

  1. I can vouch for how yummy this galette was! Grandma would have been proud.

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