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Call Me Mrs. Four Eyes

I got my eyes checked! That means I get to check another goal off my list! I bet some people think this doesn’t really sound goal-worthy, and in the grand scheme of things, that may be the case. But not every goal needs to be completely life changing, am I right? Besides, eye appointments aren’t exactly pleasurable.

I may have survived this time without getting horrid little drops of who-knows-what forced into my eyes right before I have to drive away (how safe is that?!), but I did not come away unscathed! I was told during a very quick “pre-exam” (I’m still not sure what it was for but it’s clearly dubious in its intent) to simply put my chin here and look through there with one eye, and I should expect to feel a little bit of air. I did what I was told because the girl looked sweet and innocent. Silly me. Next thing I knew they shot a blast of goodness-knows-what’s-in-it air straight into my eye and I yelped and pulled away, blinking furiously. It really hurt, so it clearly couldn’t have been a good thing for my eye! Then she told me she still had to do the other eye!

Well fool me once, shame on me. But fool me twice…

It was my need to get rid of the increasingly intense headaches and the knowledge that my ability to drive at night was at stake that made me put my chin down once more and offer up my other eye to the masochistic assistant. Then again came the blast of persecution, and I was told I could go and sit and wait for my actual appointment. I was tempted to ask whether the “pre-exam” was really necessary, but I decided it was best to keep my mouth shut. So you see… it’s all fun and games until someone gets a blast of air in the eye!

Melodrama aside, you can probably guess that I don’t like people poking around in my eyeballs, so getting my eyes checked is not a regular thing for me (though the optometrist did tell me that it’s important to do yearly – cause that’s not based on his wanting my business and therefore my money at all, says skeptical me). But like I said, headaches and night driving were both very good reasons to ensure my prescription stays up to date, so I had to take the bullet, and I decided to make it a goal so I wouldn’t forget about it

It comes with perks though. A new prescription means new glasses! And new accessories are always fun, especially when I can get them super cheap! Just ask my husband… or on second thought don’t ask him.

If you wear glasses but you’ve never heard of Zenni Optical before, I’m excited to make your day! I cumulatively spent around $150 last time and ended up with 5 different pairs of glasses from Zenni. I’m totally not making that up, I swear – I didn’t really believe it myself when I first heard of the ridiculously low prices. Before that, I was spending upwards of $350 per pair and Zenni sounded too good to be true, but this website really is the best! And I’m not being paid to say this (though if you work for Zenni, I’m sure we could work something out!). I urge you to check them out if you’re sick and tired of paying through the nose for nice/classy/fun/smokin’ and durable frames. As long as you don’t care about brand names, you’ll find something you like. Plus, all of the frames I previously ordered have withstood the last 5 years no problem, particularly the cutest pair of purple frames with white polka dots which I’ve worn the most out of the 5 and for which I’ve received the most complements I’ve ever gotten on any glasses. AND they still look as good as new.

So I ordered some new glasses, and unfortunately this time there was a bit of a wait. Tavis and I have both ordered previously and received our orders about 5 business days later (and that’s without any expedited shipping, which costs extra). This time, my order came quite a bit later than that – it took two weeks. Yes that’s still fast, considering they come from Hong Kong, but it’s all relative. And that minor thing is the only negative thing I could possibly say about my third experience ordering from Zenni. I suspect the delay may be due to the website getting more attention by my fellow four eyes, and that’s okay with me.

Even more exciting is that this time I ordered sunglasses too! I ordered two pairs in fact, and the coloured tints and mirror finishes look so cool. Although one of them has blue tint, and I didn’t realize how much that changed my ability to see certain colours; say, for example, the bus numbers electronically displayed on the front of the bus.  Kind of inconvenient, but I think the style overrules convenience, for now.  I also ordered three pairs of regular glasses so I can coordinate with my outfit – that’s kind of my thing. I tried three new kinds of frames – one very colourful, one that is a bit larger than I’m used to, and another that is round instead of my regular rectangular choices.  I’m still not sure how I like them, but that’s part of the fun.

I’m happy that today, finally, we had a day full of sunshine so I could use my fancy new shades!  I know fall is upon us, but I hope the sun stays for a little while longer.


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