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Goaling Along

It’s already been 6 months since I started this little blog to keep track of my goals for the year… I can hardly believe how the time flew! Since I’m halfway to the deadline of my 31st birthday, I thought this would be the perfect time to check in on how I’m doing so far. But first, a little recap.

Earlier this year I decided (at the risk of sounding overly broad and incredibly cliché…) that it was time to change my outlook on life in a big way. I feel I have a tendency to focus on the negative – I weigh too much, I’m scared of this, I can’t possibly accomplish that – and I believe I’d fallen into a rut in terms of daily life and taking chances and appreciating the small things. My 29th birthday was horrendous for me; the fact that I would turn 30 so soon was overwhelmingly scary because I felt I hadn’t accomplished much with my life. It took me a while to realize that all the standards I was holding myself to belonged to other people, not me. So when I finally hit that milestone this past March, it finally dawned on me that I’m the one who makes my life what it is. If I decide my life is great, then it is great. If I decide my life is shit… well you know. So I decided that I was going to make my life great, and if I wanted to become a better person body, mind, and soul, then I needed to start making the effort.

So I created a list of goals.

I tried to diversify and make my goals not only about the healthier life I wanted to live, but also about enriching my daily life and trying new things and challenging myself. I also wanted to create a better atmosphere for a healthy marriage. Along those lines, not only did I decide to “ride my bike to and from work in spring/summer/fall” but I also decided to “register for yoga,” “eat dinner at the kitchen table every weeknight,” “pay off both lines of credit,” and “learn chess.”

The ultimate question is, of course, how am I doing? I’ve been keeping track by crossing things off as I go, but here’s a quick review of my accomplishments so far:

  1. I started a blog.
  2. I rode my bike to and from work throughout the spring and summer.
  3. I’ve tried 2 of 3 new veggies, once out of three times each so far.
  4. I’m flossing at least 4 times per week.
  5. I registered for Pump & Groove.
  6. I got my eyes checked.
  7. I’m doing my best to post twice weekly.
  8. I’ve taken pretty good care of the garden through the prepping, growing and harvesting stages.
  9. I’ve tried 8 of 31 new recipes.
  10. I’m eating salads almost daily.
  11. We visited our friends in BC.

Although a few of these are technically only partially completed, I still feel like I’ve accomplished a fair bit! Particularly considering the amazingly hectic summer we just finished (and it’s still tapering off…). I’ve actually completed a few more goals already, which I’ll talk about in upcoming posts, so yay for me!

So what’s up next? Well, I think I’ll find some goals easier to complete as the winter months set in. Goals like cleaning out our spare bedroom and learning chess are things that require more time inside and less busy schedules. Also I purposefully left some of the exercise goals for later in the year because I didn’t want to overwhelm me or my wallet in the beginning with too much going on at once. Spacing it out is key – I intend to start a running program very soon, and I’ll likely register for yoga in the new year. And finally, I need to focus on trying new things. I’ve got a long way to go with my goals to try new recipes and new veggies in new ways, and in all honesty I’ve totally been putting off the wall climbing adventure. I’m such a chicken sometimes!

It’s been a great 6 months, and I’m feeling more confident than ever about completing this list. I’ve got this!


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