November Schmovember

Some months seem to fly by, some months seem to take forever to reach the end, and some months given the appearance of sluggishness while zooming past like lightening.  The latter is the kind of month I just had.  Ugh.

Seriously, it seems like just the other weekend we were creating costumes and heading to a Halloween party…

But I’m so glad that month is over.   The whole time I felt guilty about my dwindling goal completion, and the resulting lack of interesting posts.  I was having issues with my habit-based goals so at the beginning of the month I tried to specify the goals further and provide timelines.  For the month of November I decided to focus on exercise and gratitude.  And I failed at both.  Stupid month.

I could probably come up with some pretty interesting excuses like being abducted by aliens or going to jail, but the reality is that my life is quite dull and I’m okay with that.  That also means that my excuses are the normal boring excuses anyone would make for failing to achieve certain goals in a set timeframe: lack of time, space and motivation.  I was sort-of-but-not-really sick for a good two-three week period which made my motivation meter bottom out and made the month seem to drag by.  I was also incredibly stressed at work which made me cranky.  But there were also some fun times which made the month seem to disappear.  Specifically birthdays!  I like birthdays.

Now you might say that exercise and gratitude sounds like the perfect way to combat such a month!  And you might be right.  But I wouldn’t recommend telling that to an irritable, stressed and headachy woman with a look that can kill (or so I’ve been told, though there haven’t been any casualties to date).

The truth is that focusing on my goals probably would have specifically helped me through this tough month, but hindsight is always 20/20 isn’t it?  The thing I realize now is that I don’t need to feel guilty about my accomplishments or lack thereof because they are mine, set by me and done by me.  And if I have a shitty month, well then I better make lemon meringue pie with those lemons, am I right?

All I can do is let November go and face December headlong.  Off I go!


2 comments on “November Schmovember

  1. I wasn’t able to see your pictures Sarah and I really wanted to… and I’m with Kim … love lemon meringue pie!

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