The Insane Squat Experiment

I once had this goal to do 1,000 squats in one day.  I even did a squat challenge a couple times to work up to it slowly, and get my muscles in gear.  Then I got bored.  Squats are boring, guys.  Up and down and squeeze the butt and sit back on the heels and up and down and over and over.  It’s flat out boring.  Blah.

I often thought to myself, why do I need to work up to it?  Not to mention I couldn’t be bothered to schedule in squat practice every day for two weeks or a month or whatever.  So I decided I would just go for it!  I would bite the bullet and do all the squats in one day and get it over with!  This was about 6 months ago… obviously I didn’t actually “go for it” just yet.

But I’ve been looking at my list this month and trying to figure out whether I’ll be able to finish all my goals by my 31st birthday (which is in less than 2 months… oy), and this one was staring me in the face.  I briefly considered calling it off… after all just because I decided 10 months ago that this might be a good goal doesn’t mean it’s still a good idea.  But I knew I could do this and calling it quits was unnecessary.  So last week I was working from home and I randomly decided today was the day.

Yep, I decided at 7:30am that morning that I would split the total 1,000 into sets of 100 at a time, and I’d do a set every hour or so and I’d be done by dinner.  I can certainly be ambitious when I want to be.

I did 1,000 squats in a day!  I totally did it!  I didn’t do it by dinner because I was using a new recipe and it took longer to make dinner than planned, but at just after 8:00pm that night I finished my thousandth squat, and everything was AWESOME!  (Cue the obnoxious yet strangely catchy Lego Movie theme song.)

Then came the suffering… my poor, poor legs suffered for three days after because my head made a choice without proper consultation with the rest of my body.  Thus, the point of working up to things, I suppose.  BUT, now I can say that I’m done this goal, and I feel amazing for doing it!  I honestly didn’t know whether I’d make it to 1,000.  This is like the time, almost 5 years ago now, that I was getting ready to run my very first 10km, and I just assumed I’d never make it but I was with a friend and it was my birthday and I was testing myself.  And I did it!!

I thought at first that this squat thing was just a filler goal; I was looking for one last goal and my husband suggested it, but I suppose it wasn’t all that important to me at the time.  Now I realize the importance of silly little goals like this one… every once in a while I need a reminder that I CAN do it if I want to, whatever “it” is.  I’m healthy and capable, and I totally just did 1,000 squats in a day!

Never mind that I walked funny for days after… insignificant detail.


3 comments on “The Insane Squat Experiment

  1. You are just a glutton for punishment!

  2. Self actualisation is an amazing thing. You thought it, planned it, then succeeded. The concept itself deserves pride 🙂

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