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Adventures in Chess – Argh!


I’m really not good at chess.  Try as I might, even with my hubby 3 pieces down, he’s still able to corner me and take me down.  And I really, really suck at losing.  Honestly I’m astonished that he’ll even play chess with me anymore.

We played twice again recently and, surprise, surprise, it didn’t go well.  I was actually very close to winning the 2nd game, and Tavis would say that I did win, but that’s not what really happened.  What really happened was that I had him cornered and made a stupid move and let him get away.  He stopped the game and was all “no, no, no, if you do this then you checkmate me!” and I was all “I have to figure it out for myself!” and he was all “you just won!” and I was all “nuh uh, I can’t win if you do it for me” and he was all “of course you can” and I was all “argh!” and then I huffed and puffed and blew the house down.  Seriously, I suck even when my husband is being a sweetheart and shows me how to win.

I suppose the highlight is that I have, in fact, learned how to play.  And if I hadn’t been so frustrated and headachy over having to figure things out 4 moves in advance, I might have made the correct move and checkmated him.  It could have happened!  Maybe one of these days I’ll actually win.

In the meantime maybe we can play some Scrabble instead…


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