April Fitness Challenge: Kids

I didn’t take on a specific fitness challenge in April because I wasn’t prepared enough to plan one as I started my second blogging year, and then I didn’t seem to have the time or energy to take one on. Yep, that’s my lame excuse… I blame the kiddos. Specific kids though, not just “kids in general” or “OMG, kids these days.”  The reality is that I didn’t need one because my neice and nephew were my exercise challenge.  And I mean that in the most affectionate way possible.  We just finished living with them for a month and I feel more exhausted than I’ve ever been, ever.

It’s like never-ending jet lag. I’ve got kid-lag.

My theory is that kids get their energy by sucking it from all the adults in the room – they’ve had an inordinate amount of energy the last few weeks because they had 4 adults to feed off of, rather than just their usual 2. Yep, they’re energy-sucking parasites (again, in the most affectionate way possible), hell-bent on over-stimulation and pushing limits until you binge on blizzards every other night (secretly, after they’ve gone to bed of course, or they’ll give you shit because you didn’t share) and you find yourself randomly falling asleep on the floor because the carpet is suddenly extremely cozy and the dog is quite the snuggler.

Who needs a treadmill or elliptical when you’ve got a kitchen island to run around and a multi-level obstacle course and a “swing me!” strength-training program. Plus deciphering their kid-sights takes mental capacity I’m just not used to expending after my regular work day. Give me some mindless video games, a good crime drama, or a repetitive stitching hobby and I’m happy, but making me think?! OMG, kids these days!

This is all mostly in jest. I love these kidlets. Seriously, before the first was born, I didn’t realize I could feel such a strong affection for someone else’s offspring. And it can be a lot of fun hanging out with them; the glutton for punishment in me sent me back for more repeatedly, which led to my reaping such rewards as a movie cuddle fest, or reading a full chapter book to a 3-year-old, or playing soccer in the sunshine.

But now Auntie is ready for a little peace and quiet, lovelies.


4 comments on “April Fitness Challenge: Kids

  1. Thx for making me laugh this morning. We miss you over here. Any time you need some over-stimulation, you know where to come 😛

  2. Love your writing, as usual. xoxoxo Susan

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