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Gratitude Gems: People Who Move People

Welcome to Gratitude Gems, where I show a little appreciation for the good things in my life!

I think it takes a special breed of person to help someone move.  These people willingly give up a good portion of their day to move a bunch of stuff that’s not theirs not once, but twice: first into a moving receptacle, and then again at the destination.  They are the people who take off their shoes while holding a heavy piece of furniture because they care about your carpets.  They are the people working together to navigate corners and staircases.  And they are the people who go until all the trucks are empty.

But there are other people too.  Some people indirectly help with the moving though they don’t actually lift any boxes.  They are the people who supply you with boxes or allow you to store things at their house or watch the kids so the adults can help move boxes or allow you to use their vehicle to haul the delicate things.  They are the people who put together a huge lasagna and garlic bread and salad and bring the plates and cutlery and feed everyone after the moving is done.  They are the people who spend their Friday night helping you paint the day before the move because you just can’t deal with a fire-engine-red bedroom.  They are the people who stick around after the move is done to help unpack and organize and sort.

Truly, we are blessed to know a lot of good people who did all of this just for us over the weekend.  They are the reason why we are settled and happy in our new place.  And we can’t thank them enough.


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