Gratitude Gems: Handy Hubby

Welcome to Gratitude Gems, where I show a little appreciation for the good things in my life!

My husband is pretty handy.  Yesterday as he started to build a couple of garden planters, one of our new neighbours came over and asked if he was a carpenter, to which he replied, “No, my dad just taught me a few things.”

Not only is it pretty awesome in and of itself to have a husband who likes to make things from scratch with his hands, but I benefit greatly with the addition of some custom and beautiful furniture.  Last time we moved he made both a bookshelf and a coffee table.



Now that we’ve moved again, he took it upon himself to build a custom entertainment stand that would fit underneath the wall-mounted TV and be tall enough for his enormous speakers underneath.  It looks pretty awesome.


And back to those garden planters… we were wondering what we might do for gardening spaces now that we don’t have a backyard to speak of, and we briefly touched on the possibility of building some planters to go on the back porch.  But that idea fell by the wayside as we dealt with moving and he built the entertainment stand.  Well a couple days ago we went over to visit some friends who had done just that, and that lit the spark under my hubby’s butt.  Next thing I know he’s looking up where to find free pallets, taking them apart, and asking how I’d like our new planters to look.


They’re not quite finished yet – the second one still needs fabric and they both need a stain – but I think they’ll do just great!  I’m so thankful he’s handy, because I’d probably hurt myself if I tried to make any of these myself.


4 comments on “Gratitude Gems: Handy Hubby

  1. Sarah, not only does it look like Tavis is ‘handy’ he is one of the nicest young men I’ve met.

  2. The entertainment stand and planters look great!

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