For the Sake of Argument, Let’s Just Call it Exercise


Is cycling still exercise if my ride only takes 5 minutes these days?  That’s the question I’ve been asking myself this week, as I finally started biking to work.  One of the perks to our new home is its proximity to my job, but because I didn’t have access to the parkade yet, and still being gun-shy from the recent thievery of my husband’s ride (dastardly ruffians!), I’ve been walking there and back.  Well this week I finally hopped on the ol’ two-wheeler and got back on the roads!

Aaaaaaand… then I was at work.

It’s a flat, straight, mere 10 city blocks away, which might sound like a lot, but it’s not.  Don’t be fooled by the double digits.  This commute is less of a commute and more like a jaunt around the cul-de-sac.  And I’m a little disappointed!

Biking to work for the last few years was good exercise, even if it included a hard uphill and meant that I had to bring a separate outfit and change at the office.  It felt like a real accomplishment!  Plus, my previous path led me through the river valley, with birds and trees and sunshine.  It was a nice way to spend my mornings and late afternoons, and totally worth the occasional bug-induced choking experience.

Now my path is directly through downtown and I’ve only been at it for five days so far, yet somehow I’ve already garnered enough dirty looks to last the summer.  People really don’t like bikers in our city.  Such killjoys.

Regardless of their bad attitudes I will prevail, but now it’s hard to say I’m getting daily exercise when I barely break a sweat heading to and fro!  It’s like I used an exercise bike just enough to make it look like I put my time in, then ditched the machines for the hot tub. Not that I’d ever do that…

Now, instead of the small bit of smug satisfaction I used to relish, I feel like I’m lying when I answer yes to the occasional “wow, do you bike to work?”  Not that it’s a lie, but it’s certainly not all that awesome anymore… unless you’re impressed by my sparring with the bossy buses and jerks over compensating with sporty little soft-tops.  Seriously, why would someone have a car like that in our climate?

I do enjoy that I don’t have to walk through a rather less-inviting part of town anymore, but I’m home so fast that I don’t even get the chance to contemplate life anymore… ya know?

Ah heck, any chance to bike.


4 comments on “For the Sake of Argument, Let’s Just Call it Exercise

  1. Any exercise is better than no exercise…and I love the picture!

  2. I enjoy biking every day, since it has a lot of health benefits.

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