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Gratitude Gems: A Microscopic Work Week

Welcome to Gratitude Gems, where I show a little appreciation for the good things in my life! This week I’m only working two days!  Wahoo! This Wednesday is Canada Day (yay, Canada!), which is a stat holiday so we automatically get the day off.  It’s also our anniversary (yay, us!), and we normally go camping […]

The Chess Adventures Continue…

I sure am a glutton for punishment sometimes.  If last year’s goals taught me anything, it’s that sometimes forcing the issue really doesn’t help.  Take chess for example.  Sure, I learned to play chess, and it got me spending more time with my hubby doing something he likes to do, but did I ever come […]

An Out-Dated Hobby

I like to cross stitch.  And before you frantically check my About page, no I am not 80 years old, I don’t breed cats, and yes I still have all my teeth.  I may be going a little deaf, but that’s neither here nor there.  I know it’s not a glamourous hobby like scrapbooking or […]

Gratitude Gems: To Wed or Not To Wed

Welcome to Gratitude Gems, where I show a little appreciation for the good things in my life! Last week an unmarried coworker asked me why I got married.  In retrospect I should have expected this considering I had just retorted that a supposed 40% divorce rate makes you wonder why anyone gets married these days.  […]

May Fitness Challenge: 30×30

For the month of May, I completed the 30×30 Nature Challenge put on my the David Suzuki Foundation.  The challenge is simple: spend at least 30 minutes in nature every day in the month of May. Most days I didn’t even need to think about ways to get outside because I was walking and biking to […]

Furry, Long-Nosed Teachers

I’ve always been a dog person.  When I was little I used to crawl under the kitchen table and chairs just to be near our keeshond Dolly, who was way in the corner because she was trying to get away from me… she growled if I got too close so instead I would just lie […]

My Student Loans are History, Part 1

I just paid off one of my student loans this week!  I feel elated!  I’m free!  I’m light as a feather!  This feeling is amazing!  I wish I had more money so that I could pay off the other one right now, it feels so good! That’s a lot of exclamation points… but I totally mean […]