Gratitude Gems: Dog-Gone Distracted!

Harlowe 2

Welcome to Gratitude Gems, where I show a little appreciation for the good things in my life!

My gratitude is coming late this week as I’ve been a little distracted… we got a dog!!  Finally, we got a dog!  I won’t get into the saga that adopting a dog has turned into over the last 9 months, but suffice it to say we’ve been waiting for this moment since September last year, and we’re so happy to have a new furry kid in our lives now.

Her name is Harlowe and she’s about 6 months old, which means we’re cleaning up random little puddles of I’m-so-excited/nervous-to-see-you pee, and we’re giving in to her every whim when she yelps bloody murder at being left alone during the night.  Already she has such a sweet personality and she’s basically all fur.

I just love dogs.  They can be such affectionate creatures and loyal companions.  And I’m such a dog person, to the detriment of my overall social skills – just the other day at a BBQ I came up to a person I didn’t know and immediately noticed and started talking to the dog at her feet!  Who cares about humans when there are fuzzy ears to be pet, am I right?   Thankfully she was also a dog person and laughed it off.

We’ve adopted Harlowe from a rescue organization, and I’m so excited to show her that not all humans are bad, and to see her bubbly personality flourish in a loving environment.  If I had the means I would own an acreage and adopt a few more just to give them the lives they deserve.  But I’m not rich, so one will have to do.   I’m thankful that it’s her.


6 comments on “Gratitude Gems: Dog-Gone Distracted!

  1. She looks like a wonderful, sweet puppy! Looking forward to meeting her (and I do the same when I see dogs anywhere)

  2. Soooo sweet 🙂 You’re writing, and your dog. She won the dog owner lottery when you guys took her home!

  3. Harlowe looks like a lovely dog, and she’s lucky to have found a loving home ^^

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