My Student Loans are History, Part 1

I just paid off one of my student loans this week!  I feel elated!  I’m free!  I’m light as a feather!  This feeling is amazing!  I wish I had more money so that I could pay off the other one right now, it feels so good!

That’s a lot of exclamation points… but I totally mean each and every one!

It’s so incredible, how paying off a debt lifts the soul.  Especially if that debt has been holding you down for years and years… I’m sure many people can relate.  This is exactly why I made a goal for myself this year to pay off my student loans.  We knew we were coming into the home stretch on my student loans, so we’ve focused on those to get them off our backs, and now 1 of the 2 is complete!  The other is very close as well – we predict we’ll have it paid off within the next couple of months.

I’m so happy, I feel like I could do anything!  What a high!


2 comments on “My Student Loans are History, Part 1

  1. Congratulations! And good for you – I agree that paying off a debt is like a weight lifted from your shoulders.

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