May Fitness Challenge: 30×30

For the month of May, I completed the 30×30 Nature Challenge put on my the David Suzuki Foundation.  The challenge is simple: spend at least 30 minutes in nature every day in the month of May.

Most days I didn’t even need to think about ways to get outside because I was walking and biking to work anyways.  It really helps start the day on the right foot by exercising first, plus taking some time to enjoy nature on the way home helps me unwind and de-stress.  I particularly enjoyed this garden on my route which was just bursting with tulips!


May was our first month in our new home so we also spent a bit of time picking out plants, building planters, and creating a mini garden out on the patio.  This may have become my new favourite part of the house.


Other activities that helped me enjoy nature in May included helping out at my in-laws’ farm, random bike rides, BBQs, having brunch on a patio, a camping long weekend, walks during my lunch hours, and a 5km run on Mother’s Day!

511 (2)

I didn’t get outside every day (rain or dreary moods are effective deterrents), nor did I exercise every time I was outside, but most things involved some sort of physical activity.  For me the challenge was a great excuse to get out of the house and start enjoying the spring/summer weather!  And that I certainly did.


2 comments on “May Fitness Challenge: 30×30

  1. Your patio is looking really nice.

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