Gratitude Gems: So… Tired…

Welcome to Gratitude Gems, where I show a little appreciation for the good things in my life!

I’m exhausted today.  Last Wednesday was our anniversary and so we had a full day of doing whatever the heck we wanted together because it was also a stat holiday and we both had the day off!  Getting married on a holiday was an awesome decision!

Then on Thursday we headed out to Tavis’ parents’ farm and camped for the next four days with a bunch of friends and family, and my level of exhaustion proves it was a good time.  Harlowe’s does too.  The tuckered pooch is still following me around the house, but she’s a tad less enthusiastic about it than normal.

Tired HarloweHarlowe’s first camping trip was mostly a success; there was an incident with chasing chickens and ducks around the farm yard, and at one point she disappeared for about half an hour when we set off some fireworks, but otherwise she did great!  It sure beats the first time we took Jade camping and she puked flourescent green bile inside the tent on the first night!

We sure love camping, and camping for an extended long weekend is even better, but I’m so tired today.  Good thing it’s Monday and everyone knows you don’t really work on Mondays…


2 comments on “Gratitude Gems: So… Tired…

  1. Really?? I don’t have to work on Mondays? I must have missed that memo…!

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