Mini Garden Spaces

Moving to our new place was a big adjustment in many ways, including leaving our garden.  Who knew growing up that I would care so much about a plot of dirt and some plants when back then my mom had to force me to help with the weeding.  I absolutely hated weeding, and I mostly still do so I suppose some things don’t change.  But my husband and I tended our previous garden with love for 4 summers, building up the beds and laying plastic and infusing the dirt with compost and fertilizer.  That backyard plot was what piqued my interest in gardening.

Even though we no longer have a back yard, or a front yard, or any planters to speak of for that matter, we were determined to make some mini garden spaces here at the new place.  So Tavis built two gorgeous planter boxes out of pallets, and we bought a few big pots and railing planters and hanging pots.  And go figure I’m finding it much easier to handle just these small spaces than a gigantic backyard plot, so everything is getting watered and weeded properly and it looks fantastic.  I have to admit that I’m surprised just how much awesome greenery we managed to fit onto our front and back porches!  I could say more, but why when pictures say it so much better.



4 comments on “Mini Garden Spaces

  1. It all looks so nice and colouful — great job!

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