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Gratitude Gems: A Busy Summer

Welcome to Gratitude Gems, where I show a little appreciation for the good things in my life!

August has flown by.  It seems like just the other day we were preparing for our vacation to Osoyoos to visit friends for the August long weekend.  Then, just like that, the vacation was over and we were back at work, but we were still running here and there and having a great time enjoying the 30+ degree weather.  It was great!  This past weekend was our first where we had the chance to slow down and relax and not have to go anywhere all weekend.  We ended up filling it with other things to do around town, but it still seemed like a break from our hectic summer.

Generally I enjoy quiet and a slow pace of life.  When things get too planned and the calendar too full, especially during the summer months, I start to feel anxious and harried.  But summer goes by so fast that we need to fit in all of the things we want to do in only a small amount of time, so the over-booked calendar is inevitable.  Still, I think this summer has been a good mix.  And really, I’m happy to have so many fun things to do with some really awesome people.  I’m also thankful for the chance to have a vacation with my husband where the weather was spectacular and we got to spend time both with friends and just on our own.

Now as it starts to get colder at night and the sun sets earlier, I’m reminded that the days of busy summer nights and weekends are limited, so instead of letting the busy pace get to me I should just enjoy them.  Here’s hoping the sunshine, and the good times that come with it, carry on for a little while longer.


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