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Goals: Playing Catch Up

I’ve completed a few more goals (or partial goals), but each on their own didn’t seem worthy of separate attention to the tune of individual postings so I decided to combine them and do a little goal catch up!


I walked on the beach!  With my husband!  Barefoot!  I wish I had taken a cool picture of our feet in the sand, or had someone else grab a shot of the two of us with the lake in the background, but alas we were too busy having fun!  Tavis and I went to visit our friends in Osoyoos at the beginning of August and on one of the days we spent a few hours on the beach where we got to walk hand-in-hand in the sand, and float in the warm water, and feed the ducks.  It was a great day!


Early in the summer I completed my first volunteering session with Pets in the Park, a yearly fundraiser put on by the Edmonton Humane Society.  I have gone to this event numerous times in the past, but I never thought to volunteer.  I decided to sign up for parking duty because I could get the shift done early in the day and still have time to enjoy the festivities with Tavis and Harlowe.  Mostly this was a fun experience, but people sure can get cranky when the parking is limited!


My fitness challenges for July and August fell by the wayside!  Casualties of our almost fully booked schedules, I just didn’t make extra plans to do exercise-y type things!  Though I did do some, like bike rides in the river valley and physically demanding work out on my in-laws’ farm.  I did have a strategy in mind over the summer so I hope to make us of that in another month coming up, but I already have a different plan in place for September!


We’ve had a busy summer, and one thing we like to do that almost inevitably falls to the wayside during these months is playing board games.  We end up going out or just choosing to be outside rather than staying in and playing board games, which has meant that I haven’t played chess for 3 months.  I’m not too sad about it… I have a feeling that Tavis will help me more than make up for it once colder weather arrives and we spend most evenings at home and inside again.

So that’s four more goals, or partial goals, down!  And there are many more in the works, even with our busy schedule lately.  I’ll just keep ticking them off, one at a time…


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