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Gratitude Gems: A Healthy Body

Welcome to Gratitude Gems, where I show a little appreciation for the good things in my life!

I find it hard to be optimistic when I’m sick.  Upon our return home from our last camping trip, I developed a cold.  And that cold proceeded to last until about Wednesday of last week.  That’s two and a half weeks of miserable me.  Needless to say, I found it hard to be grateful most days during that period.  Except for things like my ears randomly popping so that I could hear, or one of my nostrils being clear enough to breath through while eating… you gotta appreciate the small things, right?  Even if they only last for five minutes.

I went into hibernation mode the first week, almost missing the entire week of work in favour of naps and doing nothing.  I like to think they appreciated my attempts to keep my illness contained.  Harlowe was a fan of my being home all day almost every day that week, and she helped by being extra snuggley and cute.

IMG_20150910_114612956I was a bit more productive the second week, and hopeful that I was almost done with the stupid head cold.  (Yep it was all in my head….)  But then I developed a new symptom: a sore throat.  Dagnabbit I say!  I was worried after two weeks that my illness had mutated, so I headed to the doctor to get a throat swab to make sure it wasn’t something extra annoying like a sinus or chest infection.  Luckily, the sore throat subsided only a couple days later and I’m finally feeling like myself again!

I have to admit that it wasn’t all miserable.  I still enjoyed evenings and outings with friends and family, only missing a few planned events.  And I loved spending extra time with Harlowe, the little cuddle bug.  Plus, throughout it all my husband was a trooper making me soup and tea and generally just being extra thoughtful.  I’m super grateful for him.

But more than that, I’d now like to thank my body for:

  • allowing me to use not one, but two nostrils to their full capacity
  • allowing me to lie down without trying to suffocate me
  • allowing me to wake actually feeling rested and not like I was just hit by a bus
  • allowing my sinuses to calm the f*$# down and give my head a break
  • not morphing my head cold into something more akin to gremlins being fed after midnight

It’s easy to forget how miserable it is to be sick until it happens.  I’m so grateful that my body is back to normal.


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