September Fitness Challenge: Just Keep Biking…

Cycling for Two ShirtIn terms of fitness, September, and to a lesser extent August, has mainly been about doing my best not to sit on my butt all day every day.  As I mentioned last post, I’m pregnant (!) and while we’re very excited about that, it’s taken a toll on my body.  My best efforts to get moving have basically consisted of occasional walks with Harlowe and still biking to and from work… but I have to confess that I’m mostly only biking still because it takes too long to walk!.  I’ve been exhausted, and without any energy to start with, it’s been hard to imagine taking on any sort of exercise program.  On top of all that, I also developed a head cold at the very start of the month which lasted much longer than normal, likely due to my new condition.  I was wiped out before I even began.

I did participate in a big bike ride with a group of our friends mid-September, which took us around downtown and across the river.  It was a few hours and a heck of a lot of work, and I felt like I barely survived, but I made it.  I think, though it’s hard, that continuing to bike is he best thing I can do right now, and this is supported in various articles I’ve read online.  My body is used to it, and it’s a very easy ride to work, and it’ll keep me moving through this stage in the game.  Plus, if I can wear cute shirts like the one in the pic above, all the more reason!

I had heard that pregnancy made women tired, particularly in the first trimester, but I didn’t truly understand it until I started getting extremely winded and cursing our three-level townhouse every time I had to do laundry.  I never appreciated how easy walking used to be until the very prospect seemed to suck all my energy.  I kind of feel sorry for Harlowe sometimes, but mostly I don’t have the energy to care.

I’ve read that this stage will pass and I’ll be mostly back to my old self in the second and third trimesters… I’ll believe that when it happens!  In the meantime, I’ll keep biking to work as long as the snow stays away, and I’ll take all the naps I can get.


2 comments on “September Fitness Challenge: Just Keep Biking…

  1. Aww….congrats on the little one! I think it is so cool that you are staying active, it must be hard when your energy levels are low. Hope that changes soon and you feel more peppy than ever 😉

    • Thanks for your supportive comments! Things are already looking up energy-wise now that I’m in my 2nd trimester, but I need to remember that my body is pretty busy right now!

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