Gratitude Gems: True North Strong and Free

Welcome to Gratitude Gems, where I show a little appreciation for the good things in my life!

Today, on this historic election day, I am extremely proud to be Canadian.  I am thankful that my grandparents (EDIT: and great-grandparents) on both sides decided to immigrate here, of all places, when they left their home countries in favour of better lives.  I am thankful that my parents stayed here and raised us in a country full of diversity and opportunity for everyone who wants to make something of themselves.  I am thankful that, as a woman, I have the same rights as my brother and my dad and my husband to speak out about what I believe and that I get to vote right alongside them.

Over the course of this election I’ve heard all sorts of discontent and slander towards the different political parties.  There are certainly things going on and being said during this election that I don’t believe in or agree with, but I am still thankful to live in a beautiful place full of passionate people who all want our country to succeed, one way or another.  And I have taken heart in the fact that most people here do seem to support peace and tolerance and equality.

Today is estimated to be the largest voter turnout in federal election history, and that is definitely something of which we can all be proud.  No matter the outcome tonight, we are so lucky to live in a democratic society and I am so very grateful for that.


4 comments on “Gratitude Gems: True North Strong and Free

  1. It would be your great grandparents that came from Scotland to Canada. Ask your mum to tell you the story of Aunty Marian coming over. Wish I had asked more questions of my grandparents, Fred and Ruby Fisher, before they died. Colin has done an amazing job on the family tree, but we still don.t know enough.

  2. However it turns out, it’s s great day if we all turn out. Cheers.

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