Happy Halloween!

DSC03599 (2)

I love Halloween.  I almost always make my own costume and dress-it-up for a party or, at the very least, at work if the 31st falls on a workday.  Until a few years ago, I also always carved a pumpkin and every once in a while when I was feeling particularly ambitious I’d roast the seeds too.  I had fun trying out different patterns with special little carving saws and other tools.

Then when I moved into an apartment with Tavis and since we didn’t have any trick-or-treaters, let alone a porch to put it on, I had no motivation to carve a pumpkin.  When we moved to the house a few years ago I expected a surge in kidlets, but to my surprise hardly any came by at all, so we were one of those houses that just kept the lights off the blinds pulled and hoped not to get egged as a result.  I wasn’t interested in carving a pumpkin only to attract 1 or 2 kids.

Now that we’re in our townhouse downtown, we’ve wondered just how many kids we’ll get.  We’ve seen plenty of kids around the neighbourhood but whether they’ll venture into the complex here is another question.  Regardless though, I miss carving pumpkins so I made a goal this year to carve one and roast the seeds, no matter what.  So I went all out and carved two!

DSC03601 (2)

Tavis also carved one, and it’s a total nerd fest!  I love that guy.

DSC03605 (2)

We had a good time with it, and I roasted the seeds the next day.  Delish!

DSC03613 (1)

Now, as it turns out, we won’t even be home on the 31st to hand out candy regardless!  It was totally worth it to carve these beauties anyways.

Happy Halloween!


4 comments on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Love the owl pumpkin! How long did it take you to carve it out?

  2. Your pumpkins look great, as always. And I love the death star!

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