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Gratitude Gems: Friendships Worth the Extra Effort

Welcome to Gratitude Gems, where I show a little appreciation for the good things in my life!

We helped two of our very good friends move to another city over the weekend.  It’s not far, Calgary from Edmonton; our rival city to the south is only a three-hour drive away.  But that drive is a pretty boring one along an ill-maintained highway.   And three hours is certainly far enough that weeknight dinners and random weekend ideas are out of the question.  Now seeing them will mean making plans, considering Harlowe, and ensuring we’ve got a full tank of gas.  It’s not hard really but it is extra work, and we all know what happens when some friendships start requiring extra work.

Lucky for us, they are the kind of friends who will stay in touch and make the effort to remain friends, no matter how far apart we are.  Those kinds of friendships are truly precious and we’re thankful that we can count these two among our best.

Good luck in Calgary Ty and Jenn… we’ll miss you, but no doubt we’ll be seeing you again very soon.


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