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Last-Minute Running


Autumn is upon us and it’s only a matter of time now before the snow flies and winter officially sets in, so as I was looking at my list of goals in September I was wondering whether I was going to be able to finish running two 5km runs.  After all, running is no fun when you’re stuck inside.  I completed my first run a few months ago and it went quite well, after which I had grand plans to sign up for another, but various other summer plans ended up taking precedence and I just never did.  Knowing I had limited time weather-wise, and knowing that it wouldn’t be long before my little belly fruit made it too hard for me to run, I had to make plans fast!

So I registered for the final MEC run of the season, and it took place mid-October on one of the more pleasant fall days we’ve had this season.  I was grateful for the chilly but beautiful morning, and just as I was finishing the sun was coming out full force and it was almost too warm for the layers I had on!  It was great weather to end the morning run.

But I will say that this was the hardest 5km I’ve ever run in my life.  I don’t know if the parasite in my tummy is to blame, or the mere fact that I didn’t train at all in preparation for this run (though I rarely do, to be honest), but damn if I barely made it through!  I was already alternating walking/running before I’d even gone 1km… so I was feeling pretty disheartened.  Also the announcer prior to the race said that there weren’t any hills for this run, so when I ran into the first of many hills I was also feeling a tad annoyed.

Then again, the can-do attitudes of all the real runners passing me going back the other way provided a boost of support every few minutes, and going up hills meant I got to go down some hills also, which is always more fun.  And then in the last 3rd of the race I seemed to finally hit my groove and I ended up with a great song on my MP3 player that gave me the perfect rhythm to finish up.  As I was finishing I had the perfect fan club cheering me on too…

20151018_101642 (2)

Looking back now, I’m especially glad I completed this goal specifically because this run was so hard – it makes completion all the sweeter I think.  Nevertheless I’m grateful I won’t need to do another run again anytime soon!


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