October Fitness Challenge: Back in the Pool

I’m slowly resigning myself to the fact that I really just don’t know if I’m a water person.  And maybe that’s okay.  

I’m back taking swimming lessons again, but this time they are much longer than a month.  I started at the end of September and I go until mid-November.  That’s a lot of time in the water.  And I’m on the fence as to whether I’m enjoying myself or hating every minute.

Lots to enjoy!

  1. Floating!
  2. Doing a back crawl in the deep end without a flotation device!
  3. Treading water for 45 seconds without a flotation device!
  4. Hot tub time!

Yet hating. every. minute…

  1. Diving for rings…
  2. Somersaults…
  3. Jumping into the deep end…
  4. Water up my nose…

I think I’m improving compared to my last class, and honestly, treading water and doing a back crawl in the deep end without any sort of flotation device have been huge highlights for me and I’m very proud of myself.  But I can’t seem to get over my fear of jumping into the water.  Once I get in, I seem to do okay but it’s the getting into the pool in the first place.  I’m a huge ninny, and in this class I’m the only one so it’s painfully obvious what a ninny I truly am.  And being the centre of attention while shaking like a leaf on the edge of the pool is not my favourite thing in the world…

But it’s been keeping me active this month and for that I’m grateful.  Running certainly didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.  I’m still biking to work every day while the snow stays away, but I can use the little extra movement every Saturday morning in the pool for the next few weeks.  Besides, moving around in the water seems to be a lot easier for me in my current state than most other forms of exercise right now.

Well, I’ve got a few classes to go yet, so I guess I’ll just keep swimming


2 comments on “October Fitness Challenge: Back in the Pool

  1. I’ve recently learned about using neural pathway thing-a-mijiggies in your brain… or something like that… I bet that every time you get in the pool those pathways are strengthened and it’ll get easier, and your brain will get more used to it and you’ll start to enjoy it more!

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