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Cross Stitching for Love

DSC03257 (2)

One of my very best friends in the whole wide world got married this summer.  We’ve been friends since we met in grade 3, and though we haven’t always been super duper close over the last 23 years, we’ve always kept in touch and we’ve been there for each other when it counted.

She and her hubby are not into big frills or dramatics as far as weddings are concerned… though I was surprised to learn just how Martha Stewart my friend can be when she sets her mind to it!  The resulting wedding was a charming back-country potluck affair complete with a gazebo, cowboy boots, a grass dance floor, multiple bonfires, and sleeping under the stars.  I couldn’t imagine a more fitting event to celebrate this awesome couple.

Ever since she told me they were engaged, I knew I would make a cross stitch for them.  This friend dabbled in cross stitch herself for a time, so I knew she’d appreciate the thought behind it.  Plus, it’s what I do.  So though they declared early on that they didn’t want any gifts, I completely ignored them and set to work.

I really struggled to find the right pattern to meet my requirements though:

  • something classy but not pretentious
  • something country but not casual
  • something beautiful but not kitschy
  • something unique but not crazy
  • something sentimental but not lovey-dovey

I had my work cut out for me, and I started to doubt whether I’d find anything suitable.  Then one day I was hunting through my stitching treasure trove when I came across a pattern I’d purchased years ago.  I immediately knew that with a little tweaking of colours and the right frame, this pattern would work perfectly.  The original pattern by Dimensions calls for pinks and greys, but I switched to oranges and teals to match their wedding colours.  I also went with a rustic-type frame for a laid-back but romantic feel.  I was very happy with the way it turned out.

DSC03263 (2)

A few weeks ago we went to their house for a visit and I noticed it hung up on their wall.  I pointed it out and mentioned that I hoped they liked it, and my friend immediately apologized that she hadn’t gotten her thank you cards out yet but that they loved it!  Secretly I didn’t care at that point… seeing the gift displayed in their home was all the thanks I ever needed.


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