All The Things I Can’t Do Now That I’m Pregnant

A lot of resources out there sure seem to thrive on saying no to the pregnant woman.  Here are just a few examples of all the things I can no longer enjoy or take part in while I’m busy baking my little homemade croissant:

  • You can’t eat soft cheeses or honey or sushi
  • You can’t go skiing or snowboarding
  • You can’t smoke anything… not even the fun stuff
  • You can’t take most medications, which is a real drag if you get a cold
  • You can’t get a tattoo or a piercing or a pedicure (say what!?!)
  • You can’t take a hot bath or sit in a hot tub for very long
  • You can’t do any heavy lifting
  • You can’t gain too much weight
  • You can’t gain too little weight
  • You can’t consume alcoholic or caffeinated drinks

You can’t, you can’t, you can’t.  For additional lists, check out here and here.

I like to take all of this with a grain of salt, since there are many conflicting ideas and opinions out there regarding most of these things.  But there are a few things I’m happy not to have to do right now, like giving blood for example.  Apparently my body is pretty busy doing stuff and needs all the blood it can get or something.  Considering my track record attempting to give blood, you can imagine how broken up I am about this whole thing.  Still, that means I won’t be able to cross that goal off my list as completed.

The other goal I won’t be able to complete now is wearing all the dresses I currently own at least once.  I have worn about 5 or 6 of them, but now that I’m getting a bit bigger some of them don’t fit me anymore!  I don’t normally wear dresses in the winter anyways so who knows how many I would have gotten through.  This goal was more of an encouragement for me to use those items in the back of my closet that are usually only accessed during wedding season, and I did end up wearing more dresses this summer than normal.

I’m a little annoyed that I won’t be able to complete these two goals, but the little belly fruit currently ripening in my tummy is a pretty good reason, all things considered!

As for the rest of that list though, I think I’ll reserve the right to sit in a hot tub and get pedicures all I want, thank you very much.


2 comments on “All The Things I Can’t Do Now That I’m Pregnant

  1. Hi SARAH – I don.t think a coffee every day would be harmful. Everything in moderation, except for alcohol. A pedicure would make you feel great, can’t think why you couldn’t have one of those! Everyone you know will have advice, be prepared to discard most of it. Hope your pregnancy is going well. We are excited about the new baby. Love, Susan

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