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Gratitude Gems: A Free Movie

movie ticket

Welcome to Gratitude Gems, where I show a little appreciation for the good things in my life!

A couple of weeks ago I entered to win two free screener passes to a movie, and lo and behold, I won!  The passes were for The Good Dinosaur and we went to see it last week.

Of course our easy night out had to have a hitch… it happened to coincide with the first big snowfall of the season.  And we had to drive to the south end of the city during rush hour to make the screening.  We were therefore pleasantly surprised that we made it through downtown using some side roads relatively easily, and got to the theatre even earlier than expected.  Small victories!

We did consider turning back a couple of times while stuck in traffic, but the lure of seeing a free movie, not to mention a Disney Pixar creation, kept us going.  Having seen the amazing Inside Out earlier this year, we had high hopes for this film depicting an alternate world where the dinosaurs didn’t actually get wiped out.  Plus, I’d been thinking about movie popcorn all day, and I wasn’t about to lose that opportunity due to a little bit of snow!

Sadly, we were both disappointed in this movie.  While it had some creative turns and a few funny and/or heartwarming moments, overall this movie relied much too heavily on cliches and actually bordered on depressing from beginning to end.  We left the theatre lamenting the fact that a movie with this much potential really suffered from lacklustre writing.  It’s a shame they released this movie the same year as Inside Out, as this one pales in comparison.

But, this makes me especially glad that we got to see the movie for free!  I sure appreciate the opportunity to win free stuff!  I just hope our next movie meets our expectations.



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