November Fitness Challenge: A Pregnant Fish Out of Water

Pregnant E CardI was duped.  As far as this pregnancy thing goes, I was told that the first trimester is the worst in terms of symptoms, particularly feeling tired all the time.  And for a few weeks there I totally believed it.  Then I hit a wall of exhaustion that has caused me to question my ability to do even the simplest of things.

I recently spent a day with my mom where the most exercise we got was walking around a craft fair for a couple of hours (unless you count the energy spent inhaling the most delicious philly sandwich ever from The Sawmill for lunch).  Nevertheless, later than night I zonked out on my husband’s shoulder on the couch, ended up going to bed early, waking up feeling not-at-all rested, and whined about having to get up for work.  I mentioned that the baby must be going through a growth spurt because it finally seemed like I was starting to show; Tavis commented knowingly that the baby is going through a 9-month growth spurt, honey.

Pregnancy Construction Zone

Silly me.  Of course I’m still going to be tired all the time!  The baby is sucking all of my life energy to create its own!  Still… that left me with approximately zero ambition towards fitness this month.  Not to mention I didn’t feel like exercising just for the sake of exercising

But I did continue with and finish my swimming lessons!  And I’ve been walking to and from work which, with my new waddle-approach, takes about 10 minutes longer and I think an hour-long walk of about 20-25 blocks is a good thing to do most days.

Despite my lack of energy, I did have grand plans to do other things though… my abs in particular have been feeling weak, so I wanted to try to work on those in November; maybe that will be one of my goals for December instead.  In the meantime, I think I’ll take a nap.


2 comments on “November Fitness Challenge: A Pregnant Fish Out of Water

  1. Listen to your body – if you feel tired, rest or sleep. Anything needing to be done will still be there the next day. Get help from Tavis, your mom, etc. if you start feeling overwhelmed by chores. Too bad we didn’t live closer!! xoxoxo

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