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Let’s Paint!


I am the crafty type – I enjoy using my imagination to make things and will never turn down an opportunity to be creative!  It’s why I’ve tried throwing pottery and making jewelry and cross stitching and card-making and scrapbooking and painting wood and ceramics.  It’s why I make my own Halloween costume almost every year and why I have an “adult” colouring book.

So when I became aware that there were opportunities for people to get together and all enjoy painting a picture together, or individual pictures, I thought it sounded like a great idea!  In particular, my friend told me about going to a night of painting where they were instructed how to paint a particular picture, but had the freedom to paint whatever they wanted, and they could enjoy a glass of wine or other alcohol while doing so.  I quickly added it to my goals for this year so I wouldn’t forget to try it out!

Well, a few weekends ago Tavis and I went with a group of  our friends to a Paint Nite event on a Saturday afternoon.  All the supplies were provided – easels and paints and aprons and brushes, etc – and an instructor took us through the process of painting a specific picture.  And even though we were all painting the same thing, they all actually turned out quite different!


This whole experience was right up my alley!  I loved the freedom of painting my own version of another painting, as well as the helpful instruction on both technique and colour mixing.  I also loved that I ended up with a handmade piece of art, and didn’t have to clean up afterwards!  A couple of our friends weren’t as keen on it, but most said they would do it again.  I think it’s very likely that this was just my first foray into these Paint Nite experiences!

In the meantime, I can check another goal off the list!


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