The Cutest Dragon


My cross stitching focus over the last couple years has been on making things for others… there’s a special feeling associated with giving something handmade.  Since most projects I start end up taking a bit of time, there’s usually very little time left for completing cross stitches for myself so I wanted to make sure that this year I focused on completing two stitches just because and just for me, and to finish them up to be displayed in our home.

When I came across the cutest sleeping dragon pattern ever, I knew I just had to try it.  Plus it looked rather small and therefore quick to complete.DSC03620

I chose to complete it on 28-count fabric, because I wanted the end result to be small enough to fit into a small circular wood frame.  I also chose to combine two of my favourite colours, purple and green, for a fun effect.  These two choices combined meant this project became much harder than it needed to be – using two pieces of thread in such small spaces makes for rather tedious work.  I got about 1/4 done and then put it aside for a few weeks.

Finally I took it back up though, and got all the stitching done.  And I was very happy once I did, because I think it turned out great!  The best part is that I finished it in the same circular frame I used to stitch the piece!  Easy peasy!  It uses up one of the old wooden frames I had handed down to me, and it keeps the focus on the actual picture.


I’m so happy with how it turned out.  Special thanks to Claire93 for creating this pattern and giving it away for free!


2 comments on “The Cutest Dragon

  1. I am sure your mother has told you that your great grandmother, Mabel, loved to cross stitch and other hand work. She did all the stitching on the dining room chairs that Colin and Arlene have and a fireside bench that I have.

    • I vaguely recall hearing that she did the stitching on the chairs – very cool! I’m sure many more women in her day were into cross stitching than there are nowadays!

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