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December Fitness Challenge: Walking and Baking and Walking Some More

pregnancy waddle

Ha!  Fitness!

I have to laugh, because when I was reviewing my December, just like the previous few months, I really couldn’t help but relate my level of fitness back to pregnancy yet again.  And while some people may find that tiring, the reality is that this big thing is happening to my body, and I can’t consider one without the other!

I mean really, when I have to hold my breath to put on shoes, there’s no way I’m going out for a run anytime soon!

That said, in December I walked for almost an entire week straight!  Okay so I’m exaggerating, but staying on the Las Vegas strip basically means walking everywhere!  It was exhausting!  Luckily my Mom was just fine with finding a cafe or bar somewhere every couple of hours so that we could sit and take a load off.  Even doing that though, the two of us were plain tuckered after our vacation!

And then when we got back from vacation, I realized it was already so close to Christmas and I hadn’t even started my shopping!  So I spent the following few days walking through store after store and from one end of a mall to the other… I think the malls have grown since the last time I shopped.

Then there was a baking day where I was on my feet for hours on end making one treat after another.  All of this walking and baking may not seem like much of a fitness challenge, and as of 6 months ago I probably would have agreed with you.  But now I’m pregnant.  And honestly it was just a challenge not to keep all the baking for myself!

Walking and standing for hours upon hours seems like a hell of a challenge to me, even looking back a month after the fact.  Now the thought of standing on my feet all day just seems like torture.  Hell, not having time for a nap in a day should be outlawed.

That said, I’m still walking to and from work almost every day, which I consider a huge success given how much it takes out of me.  I’m not accomplishing specific 30-day challenges like I may have originally intended with this goal, but by keeping fitness forefront in my mind every month, I am making sure that I don’t stop moving through these last couple months of baby-brewing.

That’s a win in my book.


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