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Gratitude Gems: Working From Home


Welcome to Gratitude Gems, where I show a little appreciation for the good things in my life!

I LOVE working from home.  I consider myself an anti-social introvert most of the time so being able to work uninterrupted and in my own space is my ideal working environment.  Now that I’m almost 7 months pregnant and waddling to and from work, my awesome manager consented to my working from home twice per week until I’m off on maternity leave – I’m so lucky!  After all, working from home beats cubicle-land any day!

  1. no dress code
  2. less interruptions from random construction noises echoing from every corner of the highrise
  3. use the washroom without needing an access card
  4. no overwhelming perfume/cologne odours
  5. access to own food and drink supplies at any time
  6. avoid increment weather
  7. no small talk with virtual strangers
  8. music at any volume
  9. break into song whenever the urge strikes
  10. no drama/gossip
  11. ability to adjust the room temperature
  12. more time to sleep in
  13. no supervision
  14. access to windows, aka sunshine and fresh air
  15. dog cuddles during breaks
  16. no need to feign interest in random cubicle-mate stories
  17. do random household tasks during breaks (ie. move laundry, take out something for dinner, etc.)
  18. slippers

Yep, if I could work from home all the time, I totally would, if only to avoid the random inconveniences that working in public brings.  And while I get that some people are able to ignore random distractions and make all kinds of friends and handle the office politics, and some people even thrive on social interaction, I’m just not that person.

That said, I suppose there must be some advantages to working in an office…

  1. free office supplies

That’s all I got.


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