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Home Office Space

a jediI’ve had the opportunity to work from home every once in a while now for well over a year – probably going on two years at this point.  I’m lucky to have a manager that believes in providing the best possible working environment, and if that means allowing an employee some time to work on their own wherever they’d prefer, then so be it.  She’s happy that I’ve proved myself capable, and I’m happy I’m not always stuck in cubicle land!

This year, I made myself a goal to create my own space to work at home because in our previous house our computer room, or study, or whatever you call it, became more of a dumping ground than a useful space.  I was often relegated to the kitchen table or the living room couch.  So when we moved and were afforded a loft-style, open space on our upper floor, we decided this was going to be our office space.  I challenged myself to keep it organized and free of clutter so that I could actually use it for work, and if I wanted to move to the kitchen or couch it would be by choice rather than necessity.

Since then, we adopted a used computer desk that fits the space even better than our previous desk did, and we’ve kept it mostly decluttered.  And since we have carpet we went out and got ourselves one of those plastic floor mats to make it easy for the office chair to roll around!  I know, we went all out.

Now on the days when I work from home, I have a designated spot I can head to and get straight to work.  It’s not glamourous and the stationary-lover inside me would kill for some coordinated office supplies and maybe even a fancy new printer… but it’s my home-away-from-the-office and it does the job.  The best part?  No one can steal my stapler…

a staplerThe kicker is that now that I’ve completed this goal this year, I’ll no longer need it in a few short weeks!  Go figure.


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