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Wayward Goals

Over the course of this year, I’ve set out to accomplish a lot of goals.  Some of those goals are even lists in amongst themselves, and so the list really is quite lengthy.  As I near my 32nd birthday, I’ve been considering how best to approach completing as many as possible on that list, and a few goals in particular have stuck out.

chess 1First, my goal to play chess.  Ah chess, how I have longed to master you, and yet have avoided you at all costs!  I made this goal because my husband likes chess and I thought this would be a good way to ensure we spend some quality time together.  Plus, Harry Potter made it seem fun!  But the bottom line is, he doesn’t play that often and I’m just not interested, so I’ll just consider this goal incomplete and… moving on!

a volunteerI made a goal to volunteer twice this year.  The first time I volunteered early last summer for a special pet event at a local city park, and it was great!  Then I promptly forgot about this goal!  When I would look into volunteering, I’d discover that the process to become a volunteer for many organizations is an overly complicated process, sometimes including getting a security check, and so my laziness kicked in and I didn’t do it.  Now that I’m looking back, I realize that I did, in fact, volunteer a second time, and I completely overlooked it!

Last year was our third year volunteering at the Edmonton Folk Festival, and it was a blast!  We volunteer as beer garden security, so you know a good time was had by all!  This year we’re not sure what will happen since we’ll have a baby in tow, and the beer garden isn’t the best place for an infant, but I’m hoping we’ll both be able to take part in some way.  In any case, this goal was completed after all!

an ombre cartI once was inspired by an ombre treatment put onto an IKEA storage piece by one of my favourite inspirational blogs, I Heart Organizing.  She did a lovely pink ombre over the faces of the drawers and it brought a bit of unexpected colour to her office space.  I have an IKEA MALM dresser and I thought it could use an update along those same lines, so a few years ago I convinced my husband that doing a green ombre would be a good idea.  The idea percolated for a while, and a friend of mine offered to buy me the supplies for my birthday a couple of years back.  All that was left was to just do it already!

Today, the dresser remains in its original form.  When we moved to our new townhouse, we ended up painting the master bedroom because I couldn’t stand the thought of sleeping in a bright red room, and the colour we chose?  Green.  So now painting the front of the dresser in various shades of green seems like it might be overkill for the room.  I briefly considered buying ourselves a new dresser and using this old one in the baby room, in which case the green front would be a fun and appropriate project!  But then we were gifted with a matching set of furniture for the nursery.

Since I’m no longer excited about this project I don’t see the need to invest my time and energy into updating this piece of furniture just yet.  This will be another goal left incomplete.  But who knows… we already have the supplies so maybe on a rainy day something will suddenly turn green…

a piggy bankSpeaking of green, a monthly spending allowance seemed like a good idea this time last year.  Tavis and I don’t fight often, but a recurring theme that would crop up occasionally was around money we wanted to use on something personal.  For me it’s shoes.  Needless to say, for him it’s not shoes.  So we thought it might be a good idea to implement an allowance; we would take the cash out of the bank every month and put it into an envelope for each of us to do with what we would, no questions asked.  If we wanted to save up and splurge eventually, more power to us.

Where we got sidelined on this goal was the reality that our focus has always been on our cumulative debt and that any extra money we make tends to go there.  The thought of taking cash out to save on the side seemed counter-intuitive to us when we could put that money to better use.  That’s not to say we don’t still spend on personal items, but we try to be careful and the tiny amount of squabbling that occurs just isn’t significant enough for us to consider a change just yet.

a quoteThe reality is that sometimes goals need to be changed or scrapped altogether if they don’t fit with the original intention.  Not to mention, a lot can happen in a year!  And I’m okay with that.

I do have plans to complete most of the rest though, so we’ll see what I can accomplish in these last few weeks!


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