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Gratitude Gems: No More Shoveling

a shovelWelcome to Gratitude Gems, where I show a little appreciation for the good things in my life!

As I walked out to the car this morning through the fresh snow that had fallen overnight, I couldn’t help but consider our new shoveling situation.  We used to live in a house, and so we were responsible for not only our lengthy walkway including stairs up to the front door, and the path around the house, and the driveway out back, but also for the publicly-used sidewalk in front.  It was a lot of shoveling.

I really don’t mind shoveling if the proper conditions are met:  that is, I can take my time and the sidewalk isn’t too uneven and the snow is no longer falling.  On a sunny afternoon, it can even be a fun activity and a way to show kindness to others by helping with some or all of their sidewalks too.

But now that we’ve moved to a townhouse, the lack of sidewalks and walkways sure are a blessing, particularly considering my pregnancy and resulting lack of energy.  Granted, Tavis is more than capable of handling any shoveling, but where we are now all we have to shovel are our front and back porches.  We don’t even have to worry about our parking pad, as that’s taken care of by the condo association!

So today, as I sit and watch more snow gently falling in the sunshine, I am grateful that I won’t need to do a darn thing about it!


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