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A Poetic Pregnancy


Because I’m feeling all sorts of feels lately, I find my emotions best summed up in verse!  Enjoy!

the baby is squirming

I eagerly wait for more

my heart feels so full


I’ll miss being pregnant

My body can do amazing things

I can feel a life growing inside and

I am never alone

My body can do amazing things

Nature knows just what to do

I am never alone

And I love that feeling

Nature knows just what to do

I can feel a life growing inside and

Though I know it must come out soon

I’ll miss being pregnant



grumpy old man

crying, pooping, sleeping

depending on me in every way



a curious anxiety has settled over me

I’m eager to meet you but I’m not

I want to be pregnant just a little bit longer

and I also want you to get the f*&# out!

I want to know what colour of eyes you’ll open

and what kind of hair and skin

will you come out the picture of Asian descent

or a pale and redheaded little Scotsman?

will you know me by smell and sound and touch

will you recognize your daddy’s voice too

will you long to return to your 9-month bat cave

when you’re surrounded by everything new

will the title we’ve chosen fit your itty bitty form

or will it matter in the least what you’re named

when you’re placed gently onto my heaving chest

and we’re both hungry and tired and maimed

how long are you planning to make us wait

to welcome you home at long last

I know my body will do whatever it takes

In the end, I just hope it happens fast!


just weeks away now

second guessing my choices

what makes a good mom?


There once was a baby pre-named… Oops!

That’s a secret! To know, there are hoops!

But we can’t trust you’ll react

With a positive knack

So for now just call him Mr. Poops!



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