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Feb/Mar Fitness Challenge: The Home Stretch

pregnancy yoga

According to my midwife, I’ve had a “boring” pregnancy.  She meant it as a compliment… I’ve been pretty low maintenance for her over the last 8 months or so.  Even given that midwives as providers tend to take on the low risk and easier pregnancies, I’ve been a breeze for her.  I told her “you’re welcome.”

I know what she means though, because I’ve had the complete opposite pregnancy to my friend who has a due date 5 days earlier than mine, so I have inside knowledge of just how not boring a pregnancy can be.  We’ve scored opposite on nearly every test we’ve had to take, me on the positive and her on the “negative” or at least “not-quite-so-positive” side.  And her “not-quite-so-positive” results have often lead to even more tests, whereas I was “one and done” so to speak.  And from the very start her belly grew, where I barely showed until my 5th or 6th month.  And she’s had sleepless nights and intense false labour pains for months now, where I’ve had decent sleeps and have yet to experience the feeling of false labour.  We’ve also gone two different ways with our care, where I’ll be at home with my midwife her plan was made with her obgyn and she’ll give birth in a hospital.  We’re having two very, very different experiences.

But she just gave birth a couple of days ago, and now all I want is to meet my own little belly fruit.  It’s funny how, in the end, all those differences that we’ve focused on and lamented or cheered about often mean very little.  She’s had a healthy baby boy and they’re all very happy, in spite of any risks and complications sent her way.

You’re probably wondering what any of this has to do with fitness.  Well, I’ve gotten to the point in my pregnancy where movement of any kind sure feels like a workout to me.

fuck it

I finally caught up to my friend over the last 8 weeks in that my belly has grown even bigger than I thought it could get, and that’s proven problematic.  I can no longer reach my shoes so it’s a good thing I’m wearing slip ons… I have enough trouble putting socks and pants on.  I feel like I can never catch my breath.  I’m constantly bumping into things and getting painful pokes from surfaces  and corners closer than I thought.  I can barely sit up without grunting and the ability to move around in bed at all, let alone roll over, is a distant memory.  Harlowe is slowly learning to keep a safe distance when I walk because I’ve stepped on her a few times.  And when I can see my feet, I don’t recognize them anymore… my once cute lower appendages have turned into puffy tree trunks that no longer fit inside most of my shoes (which I suppose is just another excuse to never put them on).

These past two months have certainly felt like the toughest fitness challenge of my life… I’m eager to get my body back from this belly parasite!

Meanwhile a cousin of mine who is also due any day now just posted pictures of completing a 5 km run the other week… if my pregnancy is boring, what the heck would my midwife say about hers!?


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